Ethel Poindexter was born in Central America. During her youth she lived in Europe, North America, and the Caribbean. After University she lived in Western Massachusetts for two decades, using it as a home base to visit different parts of the world. She has had several solo exhibitions in New York City, most notably for Ivan Karp at OK Harris. 



Early in my career I used castoffs in my work, making abstract wheeled figures that explored identity. After many years, it came time for a change and I started incorporating building materials from old house demolitions. This led to works that experimented with cables, plaster, and lathe that subverted the traditions and expectations of the material.

More than a decade later, change has me exploring another avenue in my practice. I am cutting the traditional picture plane, exploring the interlocking of materials and creating a juxtaposition of forms, as well as connecting with how color is used in relation to these elements.

I am inspired by the work of Elizabeth Murray and Imi Knoebel. Although these artists may seem at odds, the images and history of both interest me. Exploration is a daily practice, with continued questions, analysis of different materials, and consideration of the past as well as current concerns.



BFA Industrial Design, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI

BFA Sculpture, University of Miami, Miami, FL


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